Take Your Spouse On A Lunch Date!

Lunch dates, like date nights, enhances your marriage relationship.



There’s my lunch date! At Tresetti’s World Cafe in Modesto. We love sitting by the window and watch people walk by.


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Going out on a pleasant and regular dates with your spouse makes you feel emotionally closer and thus help prevent from drifting apart from each other.


After dropping off the children to school in the mornings, Jorge and me are left alone in a quiet house between 8 am and 3 pm. If we do not do chores together, we usually end up on the couch in front of the TV and while Jorge tries to get more sleep time, I usually wind down and catch up with the multiple TV series I follow until sleepiness sneaks up on me as well.


Dinner usually happens around 4 pm when the kids are home and then I am off to the real bed for my real bedtime in preparation for work at 11 pm.


Other times, we go out for brunch at around 10 am and do some grocery shopping afterward or we go out for a real lunch about 1 pm and make it just in time to pick up the kids after school. In times like these, no more dinner for me but I still stay up just to spend time with the children as they have their dinner.


We always make it a point for everyone to be present at dinner to catch up on how everyone’s day went.


As much as we love our brunch dates and date nights, lunch dates are pretty special too.


Here are the reasons why every couple should go on a lunch date regularly.


It enhances your well being. Lunch dates give Jorge and me the opportunity to get out of the house in the daytime and not eat our usual home-cooked meal. 


Southwestern Salad at Tresetti’s World Cafe. It was pretty amazing.

And my favorite Caesar salad with especially house made Caesar dressing, topped with Anchovies and sprinkled with Romano cheese.

We enjoyed this Crunchy Berry dessert. It has granola at the bottom with warm berries and topped with vanilla ice cream. Healthy and sinfully delicious!


Just the opportunity of changing our routine once in a while makes us feel good about ourselves and with our family life in general.


At Kimoto Sake and Sushi, Modesto. After church, we fed the kids at home and then we went out to a lunch date.

We can’t possibly whip this up at home! lol!


There is something different about being out and about in the middle of the day when the world is awake and people are taking a break in the middle of their busy schedule. The energy is more upbeat compared to breakfast dates and less formal compared to date nights.


I find it exciting when I am meeting Jorge somewhere in town for a lunch date and as we eat our meal and see other people enjoying their own meal and making conversations with their companions, it makes us feel normal regular humans. lol!


It’s good to see people taking a break from their busy day for lunch. At the Raw Sushi Bistro about 5 minutes after opening. We were early because Treigv was dismissed early from school today.


It nurtures your marriage and friendship. Remember those lunch dates you had together before you got married? You may not feel your heart racing or there may be no more butterflies in your stomach at the sight of your spouse as you meet up for a lunch date this time but it sure will make you focus on each other and talk about things without the distraction of your children’s presence.


Lunch dates, like date nights, enhances your marriage relationship. We do love to spend time with our children and to do adventures with them outside our home but whenever we go on our dates without the kids, there is that feeling of lightness and “liberation” from family life and you can give your full attention to your sweetheart. 


 Don’t talk about finances or kids issues or any household problems when you are on your date. You can reminisce the old bygone days of the early stage of your relationship and you can create more happy memories for the years to come.


Being out on a regular and pleasant date, in general, makes you feel emotionally closer to your spouse and thus help prevent from drifting apart from each other. It enhances the loving feeling you have for each other and you may even discover or rediscover qualities that you did not notice before.


Jorge is always in the house in his house clothes or pajamas, while I am always either in my pajamas or scrubs and to go on our dates dressed other than our usual clothing is actually a treat to the eyes! lol! 


Today I met up with Jorge at the Raw Sushi Bistro in Modesto for a lunch date after a morning class at my job.


Today, we each had Teriyaki Salmon and a Spicy Salmon Roll for me and Albacore Tataki Roll for Jorge at the Raw Sushi Bistro. A delightful break from our home cooked meal.


 Teriyaki Salmon

Spicy Salmon Roll

Albacore Tataki Roll


So my dear friends, take your spouse on a lunch date, on the bright and busy part of the day and enjoy each other’s company outside your home. There is something exciting about the time constraints of a lunch date between your jobs and picking up the kids from school.


Make it a point to make time for a date with your spouse regularly in the midst of all your responsibilities. Marriage is a journey and it is both your responsibility to make it a pleasant ride.


If you can make a delightful date possible on a regular basis with your spouse, it could be a breakfast date, a brunch, a dinner date or a lunch date, I believe this indicates that you are in a happy marriage and it may inspire others who know you to do the same too.


So don’t delay! Take your spouse on a lunch date today!


Please share this post with your spouses and everyone else to show them the importance of having a date with your spouse!


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  • Mimie November 22, 2017 at 1:08 am

    I would definitely love to take my spouse out for a lunch date someday. It really has been a while 🙁

    • Lilibeth November 25, 2017 at 6:57 am

      It is very important to go on dates with your spouse on a regular basis Mimie and it does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Just make a plan and go for it and if lunch does not work for your schedule, you can go to dinner or brunch or even a late night date. The important thing is to spend time alone with each other and there is just something exciting and fun about having a meal alone with your spouse and enjoying the food that both of you did not prepare. So plan that date asap!


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