RainMate, Enjoy the Sweetness of Clean Fragrance

How do you keep your house smelling fresh and fragrant?

Are you constantly inhaling Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC ) from burning scented candles or air freshener plugins?


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Do you know that these scented candles and air fresheners whether plugins or aerosols produce volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) that are toxic to the human body, and contribute greatly to indoor air pollution?

Most candles are made out of paraffin releasing toxic benzene and toluene into the air when burning.


Benzene and toluene are known carcinogens. Burning paraffin candles can also cause respiratory problems and will irritate asthmatic, lung and heart conditions. A study has shown a detection of VOC’s in the breath of Lung Cancer Patients. Also, there is a study about the association of domestic exposure to volatile organic compounds with asthma in young children.





You really should stop using these products and go natural.  Use RainMate instead!





What is RainMate? RainMate is an amazing small machine that will help maintain clean and fresh air in your home. It can make your home sweet smelling without the dreaded VOCs. It is the healthy alternative to scented candles and air fresheners. Its elegant design and compact size is perfect to sit on the kitchen counter, nightstand, or office desk. It does not spray water or mist, so don’t worry that it will damage any surface it will sit on.


The new RainMate IL ( illuminated ), has an LED light that illuminates the swirling water bath. The new rainmate has 2 settings, the low setting is just basically operating the machine with no light. The high setting is using it with the LED light on. The soothing hum of the machine together with the lighted swirling water in the light blue water canister makes it a perfect nightlight.


How does it work? RainMate utilizes water to circulate gently scented air into your home environment.  The air flows into the water bath, then the fresh, mildly scented air comes out and makes your room smelling fresh and fragrant.


It is not an air purifier like its big sister rainbow system. But it does have 4 other functions that is similar to the rainbow system. RainMate works very well with the rainbow system as it enhances the whole home clean experience.


There are four functions of Rainmate


Deodorizer. RainMate neutralizers bad odor from cooking, pet smell or smoking. Just add a  few drops of the fresh air concentrate into the water and turn on your rainMate in the kitchen while cooking (especially frying fish), and you are left with fresh smelling kitchen. We love frying fish and the stinky dried fish, but with a few drops of fresh air solution into our RainMate, the stinky odor is gone in no time and we enjoy fresh and clean smelling air again.


Vaporizer. My children love this function, Treigv especially. Just add a few drops of the Rainbow Eucalyptus fragrance solution at night and it always helped Treigv breathe better throughout the night whenever he has a cough and colds, and he feels better in the morning when he wakes up. My nephew Clydri who has a constant stuffy nose due to allergies always have a rainmate at bedside turned on every night because it helped him breathe better and sleep better.


Aromatherapy Diffuser. No longer will you need to use the toxic scented candles or plug in air freshener to keep your house smelling good because rainMate can do the job better. Just add a few drops of any rainbow fragrance you like and voila! Your room will smell sweet and fresh. The fragrance lasts about 4 hours. And the fragrance is organic and environment-friendly, so no toxic VOCs. I usually set a RainMate in the bathroom and the kitchen too.


Humidifier. It also is a gentle humidifier, so it is good for individuals and children with asthma and allergies.



Product Information


Package dimensions: 12.3 x 12.3 x 9.8 inches

Item Weight: 3.5 lbs

Available Color: Ivory, Black

Manufacturer: Rexair LLC

Area Coverage: Works best on 400 square feet, it can cover up to 700 square feet

Plugs into a 110V outlet


Where to buy: Contact Rexair Customer Service Center to locate an Authorized Rainbow System Distributor or Dealer and learn how to get it for free.


                     Authorized Dealer in Modesto, California : Lilibeth Tingcang – 4434739-9336

                     Authorized Distributor in Modesto, California : Mitchell Estreba – 209-996-8683; 209-324-8683

                     Authorized Distributor in Fresno California : Eva Balakid – 443-643-8527


You can also look online and pay for it at amazon.com although, with Amazon, I can not guarantee that you are getting a brand new item and just like the rainbow system, Rexair will not honor any warranty of rainmate purchased somewhere else other than the ones purchased from an authorized distributor or dealer.


The Rainbow Fragrances


It is amazing that with this machine, the last scent you put in the water is the last scent you will smell. You don’t have to pour out the water in case you want to change the scent. It is like magic really.! I was so impressed when I first I found out about it!


Assorted Scents. Rainbow has specially formulated fragrances that is organic and does not emit VOC giving your home a refreshing natural smell. There are 10 Rainbow collection of fragrances and they come in a pack of four.


  • Apple Blossom
  • Berry
  • Eucalyptus
  • Gardenia
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Pine
  • Spice
  • Vanilla
  • Violet


You can also use the Fresh Air concentrate to deodorize your room or kitchen.



Luxury Collection. These four fragrances are the glorious and relaxing spa scents that you can indulge in the comfort of your home.


  • Lavender Juniper
  • Mandarin Rosewood
  • Orange Ginger
  • Tea Tree Mint




If you are not using the machine, make sure that you empty the basin and let it dry. Do not let the machine sit turned off with the water in the basin because the moisture will damage the motor. Please refer to the RainMate Manual for proper operation and storage.


My Opinion


We have the big sister rainbow machine to keep our indoor air environment healthy and clean. The RainMate enhances that whole home health.


If you want a fresh and fragrant home, rainmate is economical compared to the expensive scented candles and air freshener plug-ins. It is healthy for the environment which is actually the biggest benefit you are going to get by buying this machine. Its 4 different functions will really help your family have a better well being.


The manufacturer does not recommend using any other fragrant solution. The fragrance is concentrated and you only need a few drops, and so the 4 pack fragrance package will go for a long time. I know of people who use other organic lavender oils or eucalyptus oils and their machine is fine. So use other solution at your own risk. I have always used the recommended rainbow fragrance.



When are you going to get your own RainMate?



In order to understand the great effects of rainbow air cleaning machines, click this link to learn more of the facts, sources, effects, and solution to Indoor Air Pollution!




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