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How to complete your Grand Canyon West Rim Adventure?


in front of our wild west cabin

Book an overnight stay at the Hualapai Ranch!



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If you read my Grand Canyon West Attractions post, then you know about Hualapai Ranch. A stay at the Hualapai Ranch was suggested to me by my coworker when he learned that we were going to the Grand Canyon West. They had a great experience and we did too, that’s why I am writing about it.

I have to warn you though that this type of lodging is not for everyone.Its not a 5 star hotel, but it has 5 star rating for experience for my children and us adults also.


2012, Hualapai Ranch Turn Off - panoramio


If you have young children, I would highly recommend a one night stay at the ranch when you visit the Grand Canyon West. What we did was we visited the Guano and Eagle Points first because we have to pay for the tour and the package is valid for 1 day access only. That way, we had the whole day to enjoy the 2 viewpoints without rushing.


Then at the end of the day, we drove to the Hualapai Ranch (if you are staying at the Ranch, you can take your car into the Ranch for the duration of your stay) to check in. We explored Hualapai Ranch the following morning and checked out and returned to Las Vegas thereafter.


2012, Hualapai Ranch Entrance - panoramio


Hualapai Ranch is located 6 miles from the Sky Walk. There are 26 cabins with front porch that faces the Grand Canyon Rim. At night, the surrounding was so dark that the stars seemed so near and bright in the clear night sky. You can hear crickets and coyotes. Just don’t wander far from the pathways since there maybe snakes minding their own business until you disturb them.


us in front of our cabin


At night time, there was campfire and everyone was welcome to join. We gather around the fire to keep ourselves warm, we sang songs and told stories. We made smores. They provided the marshmallows,graham crackers and roasting sticks. It was a good way to mingle with the other guests.


around the campfire roasting marshmallows, storytelling and singing

Troy and Me


Get up early in the morning to witness one of the most amazing sunrise over the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful and serene as you watch the sun rising and nature waking up from its warmth. You can’t help but feel blessed having to witness such beauty.


sunrise over the Grand Canyon


The Horses for the horse back riding



Hualapai Ranch Amenities


Hualapai Ranch’s setting is that of the old wild west and in this modern times, it is good to go back in time and experience the old cowboy ways…or some of the old cowboy ways since the place is old wild west on the outside, but with modern day hotel amenities inside the cabins. Well, I guess, no one would stay there if they will still use oil and lamp for lighting, right? Or if there is no shower! So calm down and be assured that there is shower, modern day toilet and toiletries in the bathroom.


getting cozy at the front porch


The cabin has a queen bed and a sofa bed and a chair. The towels are surprisingly fluffy. No refrigerator, no TV , no telephone and no wifi. I actually liked it and everyone got a break technology and appreciated nature for a day or two and we all survived!!!



Dining and Recreational activities


The Dance Hall/Food Hall behind us


There is only one restaurant, the Food Hall which offered all inclusive western style meals with a reasonable price. Dinner was a choice of pork bbq ribs or chicken with sides. Breakfast is complimentary for 2 adults with a choice of short stacks, biscuits and gravy,  eggs, bacon and sausages.


Not a lot of choices but hey! Its the wild wild west! Not a lot of vegan choice. No alcoholic drinks but soda, coffee, milk, water and hot chocolate are free and unlimited. The Food Hall was open 24 hours so my children and I went and got drinks even at 11 pm.


The old Trading Post where you can buy souvenirs and things


The place comes alive at around 7:30 am when the staff of the ranch are getting ready for the tour visitors’ entertainment.



The wild west Post Office


You can learn how to rope and you can ride the bull. You can try your luck with archery and learn to quick draw. Role plays and shoot outs are fun too.


Troy arresting a fugitive

Tyreen helping to get rid of the body

The big boys and their rifles

Quick Draw

And don’t you dare mess with us


You have photo opportunities with the wild west jail, funeral parlor and the wild west gallows. And the cowboys and Hualapai tribe men and women and children in their tribal costumes.


Jorge happily locked up in jail

Execution by hanging in the old wild west



Other Activities


They have wagon and stage coach rides. They also have horse back rides with experienced instructors.


The Wagon Ride


Tips for better experience


Be aware that the last shuttle to Hualapai Ranch is at 4 pm. Arrive late in the day when there are no more visitors from the tour to avoid the crowd and enjoy the peace of the rustic wild west.


Visit during the colder months to avoid bugs and flies. We went in February and it was prefect.


Cabin 1 is the closest to the Dining Hall.


The Parking is far from the cabins but you can drive your car in front of your cabin to unload and load your luggage.


Come with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.


This is a 100% no smoking property.


And no alcoholic beverages are sold in the ranch, nor allowed into the property.



Price : $140-$145 per night + taxes and fees


Where do you stay when you visit Grand Canyon West Rim?



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As you can see, we loved our stay at the Hualapai Ranch. It was an experience of a lifetime for everyone and for the kids specially. I would proudly recommend this place to all visitors with little children.The kids will have plenty of awesome and unforgettable memories.As for my family, we moved on to another great adventure and our children will probably visit this place again with their own children ( my grandchildren!!!).


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