Halloween in the High Seas Aboard Disney Wonder – Day 2

More pictures  that will definitely convince you to go on a Disney Cruise!




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The first night of our cruise went by so quickly, we went to bed with smiles on our faces.

The following morning, we all agreed that we loved the bed and the pillows and that it was very comfortable and we all had a good sleep. On this second day, we woke up to the beautiful shores of Ensenada, Mexico and we took in the view as we ate our breakfast outside the deck at the Cabanas Restaurant at around 9 am giving us about 1 hour and a half because at 10:30 am Cabanas Restaurant will close in preparation for lunch which starts at 11:45 am.


Port of Call: Ensenada, Mexico

We were having breakfast on the deck with the view of Ensenada, Mexico. It was a beautiful day!

While Uncle Lemuel and Aunt Lilia opted to dine inside the Cabana’s Restaurant.

The Carnival Cruise on their Ensenada port of call as well.


The other breakfast restaurant is at Triton’s but Triton’s is open from 7:30 am to 9:30 am only. This is actually one of the issues I had with this cruise because I would love to be able to sleep in and have a brunch at a proper restaurant and have a leisurely meal without worrying about their time restrictions. 



After breakfast  Jorge accompanied Treigv and and Troy as they explored the water slides and pools with their cousins Clydri and Domer, while Tyreen and Hafwen explored the boat and we all felt safe for the children roaming the boat on their own. This is what we liked about the Disney Cruise, we felt safe for the older kids to go on their own because the guests are mostly families. We did not see a single drunk person on the boat and there were no rowdy group at all.


Tyreen and Hafwen with Goofy.

Children lining up to meet the Princesses!


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There were other activities onboard that morning like crafts and game shows and character appearances but our children were more interested in spending time together and exploring the ship. 


The Basketball Court


This movie theater is located on Deck 5, AFT and it has 278-seat capacity.

Our teens had a wonderful time with Karaoke at the D Lounge



Then at lunchtime, we all had lunch at Triton’s because the other main restaurants were closed. The other lunch option was Cabana’s again. Palo Restaurant had a brunch and is located on Deck 10 AFT, and they only allow 18 years old and above, and we had to pay for our meal.


Lunch at Triton’s.

This Ahi Tuna dish was so much better than the fish we had at dinner the previous night.

Molten Chocolate Cake, my favorite and it was a party in my tummy!lol

This ice cream dessert was wonderful.

Troy’s Pecan Pie.


Again between lunch and dinner, I wanted to have some desserts like cake or cheesecake with coffee and sit inside a proper restaurant and just chill for maybe 30 minutes, but unfortunately no real restaurant was open and the only dessert I can find after scouring the boat from deck 3 to deck 9 was chocolate chip cookies and fruits. I was bummed out really.


The other lunch options and snacks anytime in between meals were Daisy’s De Lites, Pete’s Boiler Bites and Pinocchio’c Pizzeria.


The only dessert I could find when real restaurants were closed were fruits and cookies from daisy’s de lites.


Daisy’s De Lites  served sandwiches and wraps and fruits and cookies and it is located on Deck 9, AFT and they were open 10:30 am to 6 pm.


They make good beef and lamb shawarma and Troy loved their chicken tenders and fries.


Pete’s Boiler Bites in Deck 9 AFT, was open 10:30 am to 6 pm, and they serve American food like burgers and fries, chicken tenders, hotdogs and tacos. But what we loved the most at this food joint was their Shawarma with the meat choices of chicken, beef and lamb. 


The Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

And of course the Pinocchio’s Pizzeria which was open 10:30 am until 6 pm as well, but it reopens at 9:30 pm to 12 am for late night snacks.


There is a beverage station that was open 24 hours on Deck 9 AFT and they have juices, sodas and coffee and tea. The Eye Scream which is the self service soft served ice cream station was open 10:30 am to 11 pm.


The 24 hour Beverage Station


We discovered other 2 bars that we actually did not have the opportunity to explore, and they are the Cadillac Bar located in Deck 3 FWD, and the other was the Crown and Fin Pub.


The Crown and Fin Pub


Both bars looked very nice from the outside and the closest we got to enjoying both was taking pictures at both of its entrances.


The Cadillac Bar


There maybe more lounges and bars and food joints that we did not get to enjoy because it was relatively a short cruise.


Everyone gathered up getting ready to get off the ship.

Most of us taking a photo with the majestic Disney Wonder.


After lunch we decided to get off the ship just to take pictures of all of us and the Disney Wonder Ship at the Port of Ensenada. We decided not to explore Ensenada because we had been there already in the past and we wanted to maximize our time and enjoy every bit of the Disney Wonder.


Jorge and me.


When we got back on the ship, we dropped off the small boys at the Oceaneer Club while us adults went to check out the magic show for kids by David Gatti at the Azure Club. The teenagers went on their own teen’s club while the young adults had their own fun.


Domer inside Oceaneer’s Club.


Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are both for children 3 – 12 years old, and these are places where kids can explore adventure themed fabulous lands and meet Disney Characters and make friends and have fun.


The Edge is the youth club for tweens and it is located on Deck 9 midship. Tyreen and Hafwen went and explored the Edge which had a large lounge area with flat screen TV and comfortable couches. They have a computer lab, karaoke and video game station and kids mingle and make friends and just have fun.


The Edge


The children went for trick or treating in their pirates costume at the main lobby for a little bit at the Mickey Mouse Masquerade Party, and then they had their turn in watching the 2nd magic show of David Gatti for kids at about 5 pm.


It was wonderful watching the children being amazed by David Gatti’s performance and how little it takes sometimes to entertain kids.



Then there is the Vive for teens. Audrey, Tyge and Daphne enjoyed this place. The Vibe has the feel of a college dorm recreation room with multiple flat-screen TVs, DVD players,video games, board games and music listening stations and it is located on Deck 11 AFT. They have karaoke competitions as well and dance parties and games giving them chances to interact with each other and make friends.


The Vive


We all then proceeded to watch the 2nd Disney live show Frozen at the Walt Disney Theatre at 6:15 pm and it was amazing. The production was awesome and the actors and actresses did a superb performance along with their angelic voices.



Right after the show, we rushed again to prepare for our dinner at 8:15 pm and this time its going to be at the Animator’s Palate. We were excited to try this 2nd restaurant and we were actually looking forward to seeing Duran and Titanilla again as our servers.


Be amazed and entertained as the wall frames come alive with Disney Characters’ Animation at the Animator’s Palate Restaurant. This restaurant serves Pacific Island and Asian Cuisine and of course we were happy to finally enjoy white rice, our staple Filipino food, lol!


While we were waiting to be seated at the Animator’s Plate Restaurant for dinner.


Clydri and Treigv were fascinated when the wall frame came alive as the active sketch of Disney characters were taking its completed form.


This second dinner experience was actually better than the first one and we enjoyed better food. Of course Titanilla and Duran were excellent in helping us with food choices and desserts too.


Clydri and Troy getting artsy while waiting for their food.


The appetizers were delightful!


Appetizer: smoked salmon tartare

Appetizer: black truffle pasta purseittes


And the main course were equally wonderful. 


Beef Angus Tenderloin

Ahi Tuna


And we finished it off with their choices of decadent desserts.



We were a little emotional as the servers did their goodbye number towards the end of the meal and we realized how much fun the experience was.



After dinner, we then went for the rest of the evening’s activities determined to make the most of our last night of the cruise aboard Disney Wonder.


We wanted to have more pictures at the Grand Staircase.


The highlight of our 2nd night really was our 2nd adventure at the Azure Club. We again left the little boys at the Oceaneer Lab as they have activities until 11 pm and so most of us adults went back to the club for David Gatti’s magic performance for adults and it was unbelievable. The magic show was followed by an 80’s Music Trivia and everyone had a good time and had so much laughs and exciting “performances”.


While waiting for the David Gatti Magic Show for Adults


And finally, we danced the night away with the Dj’s exceptional dance music selection. There were several guests at the club but it was mostly our party that filled the place.


And we were dancing the night away!


And Boy! we had a blast! So much so that even the Dj himself came down to the dance floor and danced with us for about 3 times. He told us that it was the first time in 1 month of cruising that he actually had people stay and had fun into 2 am and he was so happy to finally have a good time.


Exhausted us after a night of dancing at the Azure Club.


That night we went to bed about 3 am and more exhausted than we ever were. The following morning I started my day early packing and got everyone ready for breakfast at the Tiana’s Place which was the 3rd main restaurant we were rotated to.


While waiting to be seated at 8:15 am. All fresh from a good night’s rest.


Tiana’s Place boasts Southern Cuisine, with a feel of the New Orleans Bayou, complete with live jazz music as we enjoyed our meal.


The live jazz band.


The restaurant is beautiful and again, we have Duran and Titanilla with us and we were able to say goodbye to them and thanked them for our wonderful dining experience on board.


The good thing about having the 2nd seating dining was on the morning of disembarkation, our breakfast was at 8:15 am, as compared to the 6:45 am breakfast for the early seating. And that really gave us time to pack and prepare to end our cruise. We had  a leisurely breakfast and we enjoyed our meal as we bid goodbye to the wonderful restaurant staff and crew.



The breakfast menu was not very impressive and the food was okay but not exceptional really. We did enjoyed the ambiance and the friendly faces of the serving staff and of course the company of our family.


Be sure to fill your customs paperwork and have your passports ready for checking. The line was not so bad by this time and it was actually a smooth disembarkation process. Just follow the directions up to where the shuttles to the airport were waiting and we were able to pick up our car and off we went to our Northern California home which is about 7 hours drive. 


All of us aboard the Aladdin Shuttle going back to the parking lot.


We had an action packed 2 nights/ 3 days Disney Cruise aboard Disney Wonder to Mexico and we had an awesome experience!


Will we do it again? Yes! but next time we will cruise to the Bahamas so we can explore the Disney’s very own island the Disney Castaway Cay.


With the wide range of our children’s ages from 6 years old to 24 years old, we came into conclusion that Disney Cruise is most enjoyable for our kids up to 17 years old. The teenagers agreed that the presence of their cousins made the experience more special.


In conclusion, the Disney Cruise experience is more magical to younger children and to Disney lovers at any age that forever held the Disney magic in their hearts.


So don’t wait any longer, go and experience your own Disney Magic in a one of a kind Disney Cruise!



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  • Grace October 7, 2017 at 6:28 am

    I love Disney but haven’t tried the cruise yet!
    Thank you for sharing your experience along beautiful photos! I think it became extra special spending it with your family and friends.

    Enjoy your next adventure!

    • Lilibeth October 9, 2017 at 1:01 pm

      The cruise is a different kind of awesome experience, Grace. And so you should be on a Disney Cruise sometime soon to experience it. The pictures does not even give justice to the fun we had on board and yes, it’s the presence of family ( a lot of family ) made the experience extra special. My children actually refused to go on a cruise without their cousins. lol! Thank you for taking time to read. Have a wonderful day.

  • Melissa Parcel October 9, 2017 at 10:37 am

    Great post! I loved our cruise on the Wonder, but it was a few years ago before they did the upgrades, so it was interesting to see your photos of how it has changed. Your post makes me want to go on another Disney cruise!

    • Lilibeth October 9, 2017 at 12:57 pm

      Thank you Melissa. It was our family’s first Disney Cruise and we all loved it! Have you been to the Disney Cruise to the Bahamas? That cruise is what we wanted to be on sometime in the future to experience the Castaway Cay Island owned by Disney.You should go on a Disney Cruise again to a different destination and different ship for a different experience. Its going to be exciting! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I very much appreciate it and the comment as well. Have a wonderful day.

  • Sarah Lynn October 9, 2017 at 11:14 am

    The food looks amazing! My hubby & I are planning a cruise trip for early next year. We might have to look into Disney cruises just for the meals hah!

    • Lilibeth October 9, 2017 at 12:51 pm

      The food looked good but not exceptional as based on mine and all of my family’s opinions. What separates the Disney Cruise from other cruises is the anticipation of the Disney Magic Experience and for that everyone should go on a Disney Cruise at least once in their lifetime. And when the time comes that their food will be better and their seafoods will be fresher, then Disney Cruise will probably going to be the ultimate cruise of all cruises. lol! Thank you Sarah Lynn for taking the time to read.


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