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The High Point Hike


What you need to know about the Grand Canyon West Attractions.



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My family love Las Vegas! The children love to see the lights at night, the fabulous garden and the famous water show at the Bellagio, even the craziness of the Fremont Experience. But what we all love the most is the food experience. The wonderful Las Vegas Buffets! We usually do the 24 hour buffet pass that lets us eat in five different buffet restaurants for a period of 24 hours.


When we go to Las Vegas though, we try to take the kids to at least one National Park to see the beauty of the “Rocky Nature”. This way, we don’t just have the Las Vegas fun, we also make it an educational trip.


The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Five million visitors come to see the beautiful and different layers of shades of red rocks every year. It is pretty awesome to see it. It is located in the state of Arizona at the northwestern corner.


The South Rim is the most visited rim for first time Grand Canyon visitors. The North Rim is 10 degrees cooler than the South rim and is close during the winter months due to heavy snow fall. The East Rim is where you see the famous Horseshoe Bend, and the West Rim is the one closest to Las Vegas.



The Grand Canyon West Rim is the 2nd most visited Grand Canyon Rim with visitors up to 1 million a year. It is good to see the Grand Canyon during fall, winter and spring time to escape the scorching heat. It does get pretty hot there in the Summer time. It is a very doable day trip since it is only about 2.5 hours from Las Vegas by car.

Jorge at the Grand Canyon West Rim

Tyreen, Treigv and Troy at the Grand Canyon West Rim


Grand Canyon West is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is located on the Hualapai Indian Tribal Lands and the entrance fee is paid to the Hualapai Tribe. When you go visit, be aware that you are not allowed to drive into the park. They offer free parking at the Visitor Center and you can take the hop on-hop off shuttles.


Grand Canyon- Visitor Center Parking 028 (5972581264)

Grand Canyon- Visitor Center Parking

into the shuttle we go…


On the summer months, they are open 7 am to 7 pm and last tickets will be sold at 5:30 pm. On the winter months (September 1 to March 31), they open at 8 am to 6 pm, with the last tickets sold by 4:30 pm. The shuttle service to all points is from 8 am-6 pm, except for the Hualapai Ranch which is only until 4 pm.


You have to pay for the permit and a tour package which starts at $49.92 per person. And if you want to walk the Grand Canyon Sky Walk, you have to buy the Legacy Gold Package which is $82.37 per person or the VIP Legacy Package or the Sky Walk Tour should be included with the tour booked at Las Vegas.


As soon as you get your tickets from the visitor center,  you then proceed to find the  queue for the tour shuttle. There are three viewpoints at the Grand Canyon West.


Eagle Point: This is where you see the mid-flight with its wings spread eagle shaped rock formation  hence the name Eagle Point and you can see it clearly from the Sky Walk.

Eagle Point Grand Canyon West Rim

mid-flight with its wings spread eagle-shaped Rock


Sky Walk is a horseshoe shaped glass bridge that juts 70 feet from the edge into the Grand Canyon. Visitors walk on a 4 inch thick clear glass which would make you feel like walking in the air as you look down 4,000 feet below,with a weight limit of 70 tons and built to withstand 100 mph of wind.It may make you feel safer to know that the frame of the sky walk was constructed with 100 million pounds of steel.


Grand Canyon West Rim Eagle Point Skywalk

behind us is the eagle shaped rock


Only 120 visitors at a time are allowed, wearing shoe covers to prevent scratches and surface damage to the glass. You can not take you camera on the sky walk, but you can have your pictures taken by a sky walk photographer and you can purchase your photo from them.


this was fun!..


You can enjoy cultural show at the amphitheater from 1 pm to 5 pm daily. If you get hungry, you can get snacks at the Skywalk Cafe. There is a new restaurant Sa’ Nyu Wa that offers full-service dining along with a cafe menu and to-go packages. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Grand Canyon West with its floor to ceiling glass window.


The Grand Canyon West at Eagle Point’s Native American Gift Shop offer souvenirs of handmade jewelry and crafts for you to remember the experience. And you can learn more about the Hualapai Tribe as you explore Native American Village that showcased the original Hualapai house, ovens, and sweat lodges.


Hualapai house Arizona

Hualapai house

Hualapai family in traditional costume from Arizona

Hualapai family in traditional costume

Guano Point: You can enjoy one of the most stunning views of the Grand Canyon at the Guano Point. If you take the trail to the tip of the point  “The High Point Hike“, you can have almost 360 degree view of the Grand Canyon. Please watch your step and hold on to you little ones as there are a lot of areas with no railings. It could get windy also and the canyon edge soil could be crumbly, stay away from the edge for your safety.


You can also visit the remains of the Guano Aerial Tram that was built in 1958 to mine the guano cave for  guano fertilizer. The cable system was rendered disabled after a US fighter jet crashed and destroyed it. 


Guano Point Grand Canyon West Rim

The remains of the Guano Aerial Tram

The High Point Hike


Guano Point is also where visitors can claim their sumptuous  meal that is included in the meal package at the Hualapai Buffet. There are tables and chairs to sit and eat while enjoying the view.


You can eat out in the sun with the magnificent view of the Grand Canyon


You can also peruse for souvenirs of handmade crafts and things that is of Hualapai Tribal history significance at the Hualapai Market.


We missed checking out those Tipi Tents behind Treigv.


Hualapai Ranch: As I have mentioned earlier, the shuttle service to Hualapai Ranch is only until 4 pm daily. If you get to Grand Canyon West late in the afternoon, make sure to visit the Hualapai Ranch first, before the other viewpoints. 


2012, Hualapai Ranch Turn Off - panoramio

The Wagon Ride


Hualapai Ranch resembles the old wild west community, with cowboy entertainment. There is wagon ride and target archery. They will teach you to rope and quick draw.


Tyreen’s first time holding bow and arrow

Troy winning the quick draw

our little bull rider!


Our visit to Grand Canyon West was a wonderful experience for everyone. It is best to plan for a whole day visit and enjoy each view points. When we visited, we spent our first day at the other view points first and reserved Hualapai Ranch for the next day since we stayed there for the night.


If you haven’t been to Grand Canyon West Rim, please plan your visit in the near future. Everyone should see this stunning place once in their lifetime.


Grand Canyon West


Please stay tuned for my next post of everything you need to know about Hualapai Ranch & Western Cabins.



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