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What is the best home cotton candy machine?



Great Northern Popcorn 6304 Vortex Machine with Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker



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Who does not want to have a cotton candy? Maybe not everyday but cotton candy for  sure is a fun treat to eat. My children loves it when kids come over to the house to hang out and play. After all, we do have a little backyard park. So why not complete the visiting experience with a cotton candy machine? and a real popcorn machine?(which is going to be a different review), or a snow cone machine. And even a chocolate fountain? Yes! making childhood memories with these guilty pleasures for the kids and maybe adults too is priceless!




Product: Great Northern Popcorn 6304 Vortex Machine with Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker

Price: $343.19 – $392.95  prime eligible. 

Where to buy:


Product Description


Great Northern Popcorn 6304 Vortex Machine with Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker is a commercial quality cotton candy machine. The stainless steel kettle that is 30% thicker than the competition is easy to clean.


It has a storage drawer with 3 big compartments for your cotton candy making essentials like the scoop, cones and spare parts like the 2 extra belts. It has a belt driven performance grade motor that minimizes noise and vibration , and a 950-watt high performance heating element. It comes with the cotton candy machine cart that is elegant in design with a pretty pink premium quality paint.



The cotton candy machine cart is easy to assemble ( I assembled it myself), with instruction manual that is easy to understand. It has four clamps, 2 on each side, which reduces vibration and it secures the stainless steel bowl to the cart. The cart is sturdy and has 2 rolling wheels for easy moving.


The cart has space for placement of your cotton candy sugar and 3 holes in front for the cone placement. It has volt controller and volt display, a built in fuse for safety and an on/off switch.




It comes with a long scoop for easier pouring of sugar into the kettle and minimize spillage. The large bowl protects hands from the electrical wire and collects cotton candy. There is a big stainless steel and removable storage drawer.




It is very easy to use. It warms up with in 4 minutes and continuously makes cotton candy. It makes 1 cotton candy per 30 seconds.


Product Specifications:

Manufacturer : Great Northern Popcorn
Product Dimension with cart : 38″ x 20.5″ x 35″
Machine Dimension: 20.25″ x 19.5″
Bowl Size: Large 20-1/2″ in diameter
weight: 46 lbs
Color: Pink
Material: Metal, Premium Grade Steel Kettle
Power: 950W-1050W, AC 110V
Assembly Required: Yes



1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. You can buy additional protection warranty from for up to 4 years.


We love our cotton candy machine and we have it for over 2 years now and it still works as well as the day we bought it. Whenever we make cotton candy,we love the candy smell all over the house. We’ve used it on a number of birthday parties already for our 4 children and my sisters’ too. My niece even took it to school in one of their high school fund raising nights and the cotton candy machine held up and produced delicious and fluffy cotton candy.



Owning the machine does not mean our children can eat cotton candy everyday. When we first got it, they would probably make cotton candy 3 times a week. But now, maybe once a week or only whenever  they have cousins or friends over. Please make sure to set limits on your children’s sugar consumption. The limits I should say depends on your own parental judgement.



You have to set the machine on an even ground to lessen the vibration. We also purchased the clear bubble shield and it does prevent some of the cotton candy from flying everywhere. The best trick though to collect the candy floss efficiently is to warm the machine first for 4 minutes before putting the sugar into the kettle, then as soon as you put the sugar, place your cone over the kettle opening and twirl it to collect the cotton candy floss,thereby minimizing the cotton candy from flying everywhere.


There will be a collection of crystallized sugar in and on the sides of the stainless steel bowl, and we usually collect it and put it back into the kettle for an assorted flavored cotton candy.


Notice the ring of crystallized sugar in the bowl? We usually just scrape it off and put it back in the kettle to make a multi flavored cotton candy.


When we turn it on, we usually just turn on the power switch first for 2 minutes, then the controller switch and wait another 2 minutes, and it should be warm enough to put the sugar in.





I have read from reviews that some received their machine defective, that must be frustrating because you get to be so excited to eat your very own cotton candy right away.

But if you buy your machine from, there should be no problem to ask for replacement with in 30 days. Just call right away and let them know about the problem.


When we received our cotton candy machine, it was packaged very well, and it worked. We did have to wait for a couple of days before the cotton candy sugar to arrive before we could use it.

Be sure to order the floss sugar in time so you can make cotton candy as soon as your machine arrives.



Verdict: The best cotton candy machine for any home!
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Waranty


We love our cotton candy machine. Children and adult that visits our house has enjoyed our cotton candy. The joy of watching the kids making cotton candy is priceless.The machine is durable (its over 2 years old) and it looks beautiful. For home use, and even occasional heavy duty use for fund raising at school, this machine is reliable. I believe for its price and the joy it gives our family, its the best cotton candy machine for any home.

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