A Boring Summer Family Schedule

Are your kids having fun this summer break?

one of our adventures from our weekend getaway this summer

Here’s our boring summer family schedule


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For my family, the children’s summer break from school is the time when everyone is physically present at home.The kids are out of school and I only work my 4 eight hour night a week regular shifts at the hospital because people are healthier on the warm summer months resulting to less admitted patients and no extra shifts for overtime.


This is the time when parents can finally sleep in because they don’t have to drop the kids off to school early and no school lunches to pack.Just stock up enough breakfast cereal and bread in the cupboard; yogurt, fruits and milk in the fridge and you don’t even have to worry about what’s for breakfast. For us, summer break is mostly downtime for everyone.


School summer break is also the time when me and Jorge have to think about how to get these 4 children follow a routine and not just holed up and glued in front of the TV, or playing Xbox or just being couch potatoes. So we implement some sort of daily schedule we all try to follow so that even if the children are not learning in school academically, they will learn other important aspect in life that will help them grow into well rounded adults.


Here’s our boring summer family schedule


Morning Routine


Tidy up their room.This seem like a very simple task but for my 4 children,this is always a struggle (if you are my neighbor, you will hear me say this everyday). Upon waking up, the children are not allowed to go right in front of the TV or gaming console.

They are to make their beds (since they are not hurrying for school), open the blinds and draw the curtains to let the sunshine in.They are to pick up whatever is on the floor and put them in the right places.They are to brush their teeth before they go downstairs.


When children are trained to do this task at home, they will take this with them when they go to college or when they are on their own in the future. They will appreciate the value of order and cleanliness.


Tyreen’s bedroom today

Treigv’s bedroom today


Breakfast. Breakfast first as soon as they are downstairs. Except for Troy, everyone can fix their own breakfast or when I get home from work (around 8 am),whoever is awake will have breakfast with me and Jorge. It is the most important meal of the day and if kids are allowed to do something fun first, they will forget to eat and that is not good for their little growing body.


Chores time.This could be anytime from 9 am to 2 pm depending on what time all the children are awake. Everyone is made to do their assigned chore.We are a big family and us parents cannot do everything for these kids. Everyone have to pitch in and help.Jorge makes lunch and be the Big Boss. Tyge does the dirty dishes and loads them in the dishwasher.


Treigv vacuums the whole downstairs everyday, Tyreen tidies up the kitchen counters and picks up stuff from the floor and put them away in their right places. And Troy helps pick up and put away his toys.


Chores teaches children responsibility to get the job done and accountability to answer for it if it’s not done.Chores also will teach them team work and thoroughness. And chores prepares them for the future, so they will know how to do things when they have their own household.


After chores, then its free time for everyone. They can watch TV and play video games. We do have to remind them to eat lunch, but lunch is wherever as long as they put away their plates and clean up their messes. By allowing them free time, they will actually enjoy their summer break.


lunch time today

Piano Practice: We enforce at least a 30 minute piano practice for Tyreen, Treigv and Troy 3 times a week. If they do more the better. Piano lesson with Lola Lilia ( lola is a Filipino word for grandma) is once a week either a Monday or a Thursday.


Swimming Time: Northern California Summer is mostly 80s-110s degree Fahrenheit during daytime and mid 70s-90s in the evenings. But there are cold summer days too and colder evenings with temperature dropping to the 60s. The children can go swim anytime they wish during warm days.This ensures that they have active physical activity.



The children are allowed to invite friends over for swimming, but they have to schedule it hours ahead so we could prepare food for everyone.


Evening Routine


  • Dinner Time:Dinner is family time.The time depends on my work nights and if I had a nap earlier in the day, so dinner time is usually around 4 pm to 7 pm. But whenever dinner happens, everyone must be at the table and we all have dinner together. After dinner, everyone helps tidy up the kitchen.


  • Reading Time: We get our reading books from the local library and kids are to read at least 2 books a week, depending on the thickness of the book. Through out the week we follow up on how far along they are in their reading.Reading time is usually around bedtime.


  • Bedtime: By midnight, everyone should be in bed, no more TV, no more video games. Kids rooms have no TV or game consoles.They are allowed to sleep late if there is no scheduled activity the following day and they can sleep in until late morning. They should have at least 9 hours  of sleep at night. If someone tends to wake up early, then bedtime for that child is early also.




Saturdays are different. We are Seventh Day Adventists and we go to church on Saturday mornings. The kids should be in bed before 11pm on Fridays and be awake by 8:30 the following morning to get ready for church. Saturdays are chore free days also, except for tidying up the kitchen after a meal.


After lunch,we don’t do anything but just relax and watch documentary shows about nature. We usually spend the time in the family room together. In the afternoon, they can go out to the backyard to just hang out or play basketball,or swim. No video games until the sun sets.


I strongly believe that as parents it is our responsibility to introduce our children to our faith.They are little people entrusted to us by God and it is our job to make sure that they know God and His Love and His teachings.We may not have control over their faith and their choices when they become adults, but while they are young, we must teach them christian values at home and in church.


Our little backyard playground.We love the sound of children laughing and playing.

We enjoyed outdoor dinners and barbecues in our simple patio.


This is our usual schedule at home in most days of the summer break. Interruptions of this routine are scheduled out of town trips and family visits. Unlike most families, we don’t chauffeur our children around to sports games because they are not interested in sports.


We as a family however love the beach and we love to go on trips. But this summer, we are going to stick to just a couple of short weekend trips or just day trips to nearby places. No airfare or hundreds of gallons of gas expenses. We are gonna go local and explore our beautiful California State.


If you noticed our family life is not very complicated. I think we have cut down our stresses to the minimum. With me being the only one working, and Jorge making sure the household is in order and our children pitching in with their chores. We are living a good, simple and happy family life.


We know that two income in the family will be so much better financially for us, but we thank God everyday that we are able to make things work with just only one. Although, Jorge is getting restless about going back into the workforce (which is going to be another story to tell in the far far future I hope),our priority right now is being present for our growing children.


I am hoping you guys are enjoying your summer break with your family whatever routine you may have in your homes.


Please share this post with everyone so they will know that it is okay to have a boring family schedule!








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