The Benefits of Traveling With Family

Have you put your traveling on hold just because you had kids?


Do you know the benefits of traveling with family?



Discover the world with your children



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Hello there. Our family loves to travel. We have four children and we never let that stop us from traveling…and we never even owned a minivan! Huh! It is a feat driving all over California and the surrounding states with four children in tow in an SUV.


… on one of our road trips…Troy safe in his car seat


At one point, we had 3 car seats at a time. I have nothing against the minivan. Minivans are great with kids, with its extra storage space and easy accessibility, I think its perfect for our family. But with minivans, it is driving very close to the ground because of its low ground clearance that bothered us. So we opted for an SUV, a big one to fit our 6 person family.


waiting patiently for boarding…Riviera Maya,  Mexico. It is essential to wear water shoes in these excursions


We travel everywhere with our 4 children. We drive, we fly. We travel the USA, we travel international, we travel intercontinental. Well, there are 4 of them and we can’t just leave them to friends or relatives when they were younger because there are so many of them.


Our first grown up only trip was on our 14th year anniversary. It was the first time we ever left our kids, for one night only, since we’ve been married. That was our test getaway trip. Our oldest was 13, the youngest was 3, the other 2 kids in between were ages 9 and 10. And as much as we love our time alone together, we cannot deny our longing to have our children with us. We love seeing the joy on their faces when they see something new and fascinating on our trips.


our first getaway trip without the kids,Las Vegas

The most important factor to an easier travel with children is the right mindset for parents. First and foremost, parents should accept the fact that traveling with your children is not gonna be easy and its not gonna be perfect. Something is bound to go wrong, just be prepared to deal with it whatever it may be.


So why go through the pain of traveling with children? There are actually benefits for parents and children alike when you travel together.


1.Family travel foster strong family bond. You all go out of your comfortable home and have to actually spend time with each other in a different environment. Instead of children hiding in each of their corners at home, they actually have to interact with their siblings.

One of our rules when we reach a destination (a national park, a beach or even a theme park) is not to allow kids to have electronics. Their task is to explore and appreciate our destination. May it be theme park rides or shows, or rocks, or trees or wild life. They will learn to deal with each other’s differences. And the experiences, joys and difficulties the family shared on these travels makes the whole family feel emotionally closer to each other.


Safari West,CA

Tyge riding a bike way up high, Bohol,    Philippines


2. Family travel helps children mature emotionally. Delayed flights are never fun, but it teaches children and parents too, patience. When we traveled to the Philippines, and my children saw a child about their age begging alms in the city streets, they asked me to buy that child food. I took that opportunity to remind them to be grateful for what they have and show empathy and generosity to those who have less.


Tyreen and Treigv. I cannot stress enough the importance of sunscreen when out in the sun.


Travel teaches children responsibility. May it be being responsible for packing their own luggage or making sure oldest keep the youngest occupied and happy, every family member need to adapt to roles and responsibilities required by travel. Travel help develop self-confidence and resilience. Trying new things give them a sense of accomplishment. Exposure to different travel situations and setbacks teach them resilience.


All these help our children develop emotional maturity that will enable them to take problems head on well into their adulthood.


Troy feeding a baby goat in Siquijor Island Philippines.


3. Family Travel gives children unique opportunities for learning. Classroom learning is through books but travel gives children front seat experience on the facts they learn in the classroom and more. For children to see and experience different cultures, or be in the actual presence of a historical site or a historical object leaves a lasting and tangible learning experience. 


Treigv swimming with the Dolphin in Mexico


The learning opportunities are endless. A camping trip can teach kids and actually apply survival skills. Even the buffet lunches and dinners in Las Vegas teaches children different food from different countries and cultures. Travel stimulate children’s mind to learn and explore.


…at the Grand Canyon West…


And most of all, travel gives us an opportunity to be away from our daily routine and chores. Travel maybe tiring physically, but it takes our minds away from the issues we leave at home and concentrate on having fun for a short little time.


Travel allows us to focus on ourselves and children only, and away from our workplace. It let us enjoy the benefits of our hard work and enjoy life in general. When we go back to our normal life after a vacation, our mind, body, and soul are refreshed and enriched, and thus, we are ready to begin our normal life again and work, until our next travel begins. 


A timeshare sales person asked me once? what is the side effect of being a well traveled family?… well, I guess it is being a well traveled family. I hoped to develop the love of traveling in my children so that they themselves will pass it on to my grandchildren and to their grandchildren.


Facing the San Diego Harbor


In this website, I would like to take you with us to some of our family travels. And give you ideas on the places we went to and the hotels and resorts we stayed in. By doing this I hoped to help you prepare on what to expect if you are going to the same places or will be staying at the same hotels and resorts. I also will try to give you more tips and ideas on how we dealt with issues or problems on our family travels.


Please share this post with everyone so they will know that there are compelling benefits with traveling with your family even if the children are little.




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  • Stephanie June 1, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Love it lilli, your family is an inspiration to me to travel more with my children. Even though it will be hard those are memories you can replace. Excited to hear more!

    • Lilibeth June 1, 2017 at 9:54 pm

      Thank you so much Stephanie for spending time to read this article.Traveling with children will get easier with time.They will grow a little and will mature a little with every travel you will take with them.Continue to make memories with your boys because they will not stay little forever.Please feel free to subscribe to the website so that you will get notification through your email every time I publish new posts.


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