Rainbow Air Cleaning System-The best solution to Indoor Air Pollution

Can you feel the stuffiness in the air inside your home? Have you suffered from frequent allergic like symptoms?

You need the Rainbow Air Cleaning System!


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How many times have you bought a vacuum cleaner in the past 5 years? How do you decide which vacuum cleaner to purchase? Is it the price? Is it its advertised efficiency in cleaning your carpet and other surfaces inside your home? Do you think of the health issues you and your family might suffer from the poor air quality inside your home?


I have visited several homes and there are times that I leave with allergic like symptoms. There was a time when I thought I would go to ER because I was having difficulty breathing after visiting a house with such poor indoor air quality. If you have children specially young ones with frequent runny nose or flu-like symptoms, check your indoor air quality, it maybe what is causing these symptoms.


Here are the health effects of poor indoor air quality, ways to determine if you have problems of indoor air pollution and how to improve indoor air quality in your homes.


I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning cleaning the house. And I get so frustrated when I wake up and the house is a mess again. Duh! That usually happens when you have 4 children. But now I have relaxed big time. As long as there is nothing on the floor, and the house is vacuumed everyday and our rainbow system on, I am okay!


When the Rainbow Air Cleaning System was introduced to us by our friend, we were blown away by what it can do. It has multiple functions that is very beneficial to the health of your household.


How does Rainbow Air Cleaning System minimize indoor air pollution?


The rainbow system “water washes” the air inside your home. Just like how mother nature uses water to clean our environment, the rainbow system uses water to clean our indoor air by  trapping household dirt, airborne particulates, allergen, dust and man‐made contaminants in its unique water filtration system, then whatever remaining microscopic particulates in the “water washed” air goes through the  HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System, leaving the air to be 99.9% clean before it is  recirculated back into your  house.


This is how the Rainbow System by Rexair help create a healthier indoor air quality.


This is the main reason why I am so passionate about sharing this household gadget that so many people haven’t heard of yet. It may cost some money to have this machine, but considering the health benefit your family will enjoy, and the fact that this machine works and is very durable with very good warranty, I believe every home should acquire one.


The technology Explained

  • Wet dust can’t fly. The water in the rainbow system traps dirt, allergens and odor in the water, preventing it to “fly” back into the environment. To keep your air cleaned continuously, the rainbow system can be turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to worry about it overheating. When you buy a rainbow system, you don’t hide it in your closet, you should keep it on and working to keep your indoor air clean. This is the air purifier function of the rainbow system.


  • The air is cleaned twice. The dirt and odor and allergens are trapped by the water filtration system, then the remaining tiny particles are caught by the HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This Rainbow system has a two-stage filtration combination removes 99.9% of air contaminants in your home, giving you a healthy living space every day.


  • The Hurricane motor. The hurricane motor is powered by switched-reluctance technology, with 2 speeds. The high speed is the hurricane mode at a horse power of 1.542, watts input of 1,150, r.p.m of 23000 which commands volume air movement of 80 cubic feet per minute. The hurricane mode is what you use when cleaning.The low speed is the maintenance mode for air cleaning, allowing you to keep the machine on 24/7 without fear of overheating. Low speed horse power is .067, wattage input at 50, r.p.m at 3000.


  • Ergonomic control in your hands. The ergonomic handle grip is where the controls are placed allowing easy control of the accessories and helps prevent hand injury.


  • State of the art quick connect attachments. The rainbow system uses intellisense technology in most of its attachments and all of its accessories, making it easier to trouble shoot for any problems or disconnect. The quick connect attachments allows changing tools in a snap.


  • Light and Easy Maneuverability. The dolly is equipped with 5 caster wheels for easy maneuverability as you go and clean room after room of your home. It is also equipped with rubberized bumper to protect your walls and furniture.


  • Onboard LED Headlights. The power nozzle has onboard bright LED headlights illuminating your path thus preventing missed spots.


  • Wall to Wall Cleaning. The power nozzle’s powerful motor driven revolving brush is very effective in removing dust, dirt and crumbs. The two circulating active – edge brushes allows thorough cleaning along baseboards.


This machine is by far the best cleaning system so far that is available for every home!


The Rainbow System Attachments


These attachments together with the power nozzle comes with your purchase of the brand new Rainbow System

1. Floor and Wall Brush. Cleans the hardwood floor, tile and linoleum removing surface dirt and litter. I also use this to dust screen doors and blinds and curtains.

2. Dusting Brush. This is good for thoroughly cleaning and dusting overlooked places, such as windowsills, blinds, lamp shades, lighting fixtures, moldings, houseplants, screens and curtains. Its horse hair fine brush allows you to dust LCD screens (TV, computer) without fear of scratching the surface.

3. Upholstery Tool. This tool effectively removes dust and crumbs from upholstered furniture.

4. Crevice Tool. This attachment is useful in cleaning tight and narrow spaces like crevices,baseboards and floor edges and wall joints.

5. Confined Space Cleaner and Inflator Tool. This attachment is useful in cleaning confined spaces and computer keyboards. The inflator tool can be  used in inflating air mattress,balloons for parties and other inflatable toys.

6. Refrigerator Coil Cleaner. This attachment you use with the confined space cleaner and inflator tool. Its slender and long design allows you to reach  behind the fridge to clean the coils, or remove lint from the washer and dryer. It can even be used to unclog your bathroom sink and drain,  removing hair and  debris.

7. Attachment Caddy. This caddy snaps into the front of the rainbow machine making it very convenient to have your tools with you at all times while  cleaning.

8. Aerofresh Bag. This plastic bag is used to refresh bed and throw pillows and stuff toys removing dust and stale odor. You can also refresh the pillows using the rainbow fragrances.



The Rainbow Air Cleaning System Accessories


 Power Nozzle.The rainbow system has a power nozzle for its vacuum cleaner function. You can use the power nozzle in the carpet and bare floor. You can also vacuum your mattress with it.The rainbow power nozzle has a powerful revolving brush with bright LED headlights illuminating the path ahead making sure there are no missed spots. It has circulating “Active-Edge” brushes that can reach tough-to-reach debris along baseboards,and a rubberized bumper protecting your walls and furniture.


The “wand” can rotate 180 degrees allowing the power nozzle to reach under the bed and under the furniture.The rainbow power nozzle is very light and has a motor of its own, making it more powerful to lift dirt,dust,pet hair and crumbs because of dual power from the rainbow machine itself, plus the power nozzle’s own.


If you are using a  dry vacuum cleaner that uses a dry filter with a bag or canister that collects dust, you probably noticed the foul odor coming from your machine while vacuuming. That is because when you are vacuuming, the dry vacuum recirculates the air containing small dust particles and odor and probably molds and germs that escaped from the clogged filter and from the porous collection bag or from the vacuum vent in those ones with dust collection canister.


There are 2 factors that makes a vacuum machine effective in cleaning the dirt off the surfaces. These are the suction power and the airflow. These two should work together to be effective. If you notice the vacuum advertisement that says “does not loose suction!”, this is true. But if the vacuum’s filter is clogged by the dust particles ( which happens pretty quickly in a few minutes after you start vacuuming), the airflow is gone, so is the effectiveness of your machine, even if the suction power is the same.


Here is the comparison of performance between Kirby which is a dry vacuum cleaner and the Rainbow system




With the rainbow system, the airflow is never gone and the entire system is not clogged because all the dirt and crumbs are trapped in the water leaving the suction power and airflow constant and does not diminish.


I want to show you how rainbow system has made me fall deeply in love with it. I have never heard of vacuuming my mattress to clean it but I can’t believe how much cleaning an apparent clean looking mattress needs. Using the Rainbow system on your mattress can remove the accumulated dead skin, bed bugs and dust mites that are invisible to the naked eyes. Nowadays, I vacuum my bed with my rainbow whenever I change my bedding.



Rainbowmate. The rainbowmate is another attachment of the rainbow cleaning system. It is like a mini power nozzle that is lightweight and also has its own powerful motor driven brush, designed to clean limited access areas such a car interiors, upholstered furniture, carpeted stairs and mattress.



Aquamate, the carpet shampooer. Aquamate’s wide angle revolving brush allows you to easily deep clean, recondition and deodorize your carpet using the  AquaMate Carpet Cleaner solution. Aquamate cleans the non-vacuumable stains from spills, grease and oils, even pet stains.The rainbow system’s powerful suction easily dries the carpet.



Minijet, the mini shampooer. Minijet allows you to shampoo, deep clean, and deodorize smaller areas like the carpeted stairs and closets; sofas and chairs and other upholstered furniture; car interior and floor mats; and small area rugs as well. It shampoos and dries effectively with the rainbow system’s strong suction power.



Rainjet. Rainjet removes ground-in dirt and grime from hard surface floors, tile and linoleum. Do not use rainjet on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, unsealed tiles, or carpeted floors because they may be water-sensitive.



Jetpad. The jetpad is designed to clean hard surface floors, tile and linoleum. It comes with two machine washable reusable microfiber cleaning pads which attracts and retains dirt.




The Rainbow System Cleaning Solutions


The rainbow system uses specially formulated cleaning solutions for the most effective and superior results. These cleaning solutions are environment friendly and economical because you only use a small each time to clean a large surface area.




Fresh Air Concentrate is my favorite solution. It eliminates odors from your home. Just add a cap-full of this solution into the basin when vacuuming and the result is a clean and fresh air in your home. This is very effective in removing odor from frying fish ( or dried fish for us Filipinos) and other strong household odors.


Aquamate Carpet Cleaner Solution is what you use when shampooing your carpet. It reconditions, deep clean and deodorizes your carpet. Its mild solution is not harsh on your carpet fibers, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.


Clean Floor Concentrate is used with your rainjet and jetpad to thoroughly clean hard surface floors, tile, and linoleum. It is made of mild and effective ingredients and does not destroy or discolor surfaces.


Rexofoamer Carpet Cleaner Solution is a residue – free dry foam which is very effective in removing stains from carpets,rugs and upholstered furniture.


The Rainbow Fragrances


Assorted Scents. Rainbow has specially formulated fragrances that is organic and does not emit VOC giving your home a refreshing natural smell. There are 10 Rainbow collection of fragrances and they come in a pack of four.



Luxury Collection. These four fragrances are the relaxing spa scents that you can indulge. These glorious scents are Lavender Juniper, Mandarin Rosewood, Orange Ginger and Tea Tree Mint.



Who made the Rainbow Air Cleaning System? The Rexair LLC has been manufacturing this machine since 1936 and has been around for more than 80 years now, selling it to over 70 countries around the world. This tells us that this company is very reliable and will continue making rainbow system for a very long time in the future.


Where to buy the Rainbow Air Cleaning System? You can only buy rainbow system from an authorized distributor and dealer. You can use rainbow system’s online distributor locator  or contact Rexair Customer Service department.


Authorized Dealer in Modesto, California : Lilibeth Tingcang – 4434739-9336

Authorized Distributor in Modesto, California : Mitchell Estreba – 209-996-8683; 209-324-8683

Authorized Distributor in Fresno California : Eva Balakid – 443-643-8527


You should only buy your rainbow system from an Authorized Rainbow Distributor and  Dealer for reasons that will give you superior product satisfaction and warranty coverage. There is a buyer beware warning for buying the rainbow system from an unathorized dealer.

Authorized Distributors sells rainbow air cleaning system through in-home demonstrations only. This is the best way to see for yourself how the machine works and also learn how to use it. Only Rainbow System bought from an authorized dealer comes with authorized warranty.

Yes you can buy it cheaper from amazon.com or other websites online, but be aware that Rexair Warranty only honors rainbow system bought from an authorized dealer and distributor, as tracked by the machine’s serial number that is traceable to the original person who purchased it.


Rexair provides its independent Authorized Rainbow Distributors, a written four (4) year warranty on the Rainbow Cleaning System and attachments and an eight (8) year warranty on the vacuum cleaner motor/electronic controller. These warranties do not cover normal wear and tear arising from usage of products, such as belts, HEPA Neutralizer, etc.




Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Carpet and Rug Institute

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) 


My opinion:


Every home should have a rainbow system. If you appreciate breathing clean air, then you should get this machine.The machine may cost you some money, but you should consider it as an investment for you and your whole family’s health. The benefits of having an excellent indoor air quality far outweighs the weight of your pocket. I can not stress enough the long term benefit for your health having eliminated indoor pollutants and allergens from your home on a daily basis. Since we have been using the rainbow system, my family seldom gets sick. Here are satisfied customer testimonials of better home air quality, less or no episodes of asthma and allergy attacks, and just better well being once they started using rainbow system in their homes.


This machine is by far the best cleaning system so far that is available for every home!



Are you ready to take control of your home’s indoor air quality? When are you going to get your own Rainbow Air Cleaning System?


If you are a rainbow system owner, I would appreciate it, and I’m sure the readers would appreciate it, if you can give us your comment or feedback of your own experience using this machine in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Thank you so much.


Go on, click this link to learn more of another great product of rainbow, the Rainmate that enhances and maintain the sweet smell of clean air in your homes.



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  • Ashley Seabrooke July 24, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    I love this page, and I love my new Rainbow. Most vacuums give off a foul smell after cleaning for a while, but the Rainbow smells amazing while you vacuum. Other vacuums with adequate cleaning power are very loud. I can carry on a conversation while I vacuum with the Rainbow. I already see that the dust particles I used to see in the sunshine coming through the windows are completely gone due to running the air purifier. I is great for allergies and people who really appreciate a great smelling home!

    • Lilibeth July 26, 2018 at 1:46 am

      Thank you Ashley for taking the time to read. It is indeed a remarkable household machine keeping our homes’ air pollution at a minimum. I understand the peoples’ hesitation of owning it because of the price but if you think of the health benefits it provides, it is really worth it. May you have many more years of clean fresh air in your home using your rainbow machine. May God continue to bless you and your family with good health.


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