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Go on explore Venice California!


We got to go somewhere on Spring Break just to get away from our daily routine, but we were on a tight budget limiting our vacation to a road trip down southern California. We visited Los Angeles so many times but we still feel like we miss out on many more attractions in this beautiful city.

There are many attractions in my list to see in the LA area but with this visit, I have my number one priority: Visit Venice!

Venice is a small beach town of Los Angeles and it is only 6.3 miles from Los Angeles Airport (LAX), about 16 minutes drive. The town has upscale shops and restaurants and an obvious affluent neighborhood.

When in Venice, there are 2 main attractions that are popular in this area and they are both free! And of course, check out one popular ice cream shop!


The Venice Beach Boardwalk. 


Notice the arts and crafts vendor behind us!

The Concrete Ocean Front Walk aka The Venice Beach Boardwalk


We went on a Saturday afternoon and the traffic was not bad. There are several public parking and the price range is $20 – $35, ask google for directions. Lol!

It was our first visit to Venice Beach Boardwalk and I expected a literal wooden boardwalk like most boardwalks I visited, but I was surprised to discover that it was actually a Concrete Ocean Front Walk.



The Venice Boardwalk is 1.5 miles long, lined with eclectic and funky shops selling all sorts of souvenirs like rocks, t-shirts and plenty of wonderful and odd items. There are surfboard shops, skateboard shops, ice cream shops and a number of restaurants and bars.  There are street vendors selling arts and crafts, paintings and photos and sculptures.


My sister in law Meriam and her family on their previous visit to the boardwalk

I have to warn you that there is a strong smell of Marijuana in the air because there are Marijuana dispensaries in this place.

There are numerous circus-like street performers like jugglers, mimes, musicians and break dancers. You can get a temporary tattoo, see a fortune teller, have your ears pierced or you listen to someone talk about their political opinions and protests!


One of the shops with Transformers and hats!


If you choose not to walk, there are bike rentals and you can cruise along in 1 of the 2 bike paths or both. There is a world-renowned skate park too at the other end of the boardwalk and you can watch people do skateboard stunts.

For the little kids, the 2 children play area is a good place for them to keep busy and have fun. You can sit in one of the bars and have a drink and watch people go about their visit. 

One can spend a good 2 hours walking from end to end of the boardwalk and with occasional stops to watch a performer or peruse a shop or souvenir stand.



We walked by an outdoor gym with several gym equipments and realized that it was the Muscle Gym made famous by the California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! 

This buzzing place is the heart of Venice and it is a big part of what makes Venice a must do visit when you are in Southern California.


The Venice Canal Historic District


The beautiful Venice Canals


I saw several photos of the Venice Canals and the beautiful residences that lined it and I always wanted to see the place and yet we never had the time. We visit Los Angeles often because my sister and our parents live there but I dread the LA traffic, thus we do not explore much.

But visiting Venice Beach gave us the opportunity to visit the beautiful Venice Canals and boy! It was amazing!

The Venice Canal Historic District is famous for its man-made canals built in 1905 as part of the developer Abbot Kinney’s plan to make a Venice of America, recreating the canals of Venice, Italy. 



The canals have beautiful footbridges and walkways lined with gorgeous residences. The residents are tolerant of the tourists and visitors who come to see the canals and take pictures of their beautiful frontyard or backyard.



But be respectful of their privacy and be mindful of the noise because these homes have families in them and would appreciate order and quiet in their neighborhood.


We love this beautiful mini hanging garden!


Every 1st Saturday of December is the Venice Christmas Boat Parade with which boats decorated with festive Christmas Theme cruise down the canals and anyone can register and join the competition. This is another event in Venice that everyone must see.

For parking though, you just have to find a spot along the street, so we had to actually drive around for a bit until we found street parking. 


Salt and Straw Ice Cream



When you are in Venice, you got to visit the Salt And Straw Ice Cream shop, a popular ice cream chain from Portland located on the coolest block in America, the Abbott Kinney Blvd.

The inventive and creative flavors are unique and never been heard of, they use local and seasonal ingredients and these unique ice cream flavors are created by their ice cream inventors.



Prepare for at least 15 minutes wait though because there is a usual line from tourists and locals alike, but the most delicious ice cream is so worth it!


What do we love about Venice California? We certainly love the Venice Canals for its beautiful scenery and quiet neighborhood. We love our visit at Salt and Straw Ice Cream and its unique and tasteful flavors. 

And as much as we love the sound of the ocean waves crashing into the beach at Venice Beach Boardwalk and the street performers and the shops, our heads hurt from inhaling weed laden air. But Venice Beach Boardwalk is a place that one should visit and experience at least once in your life!


When in Los Angeles, you should go visit Venice!


The Kissing Statue in San Diego




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