4 Exciting Adventures Around Inn Town Campground

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Camping at Inn Town Campground brought us to Nevada City for the first time and gave us an opportunity to explore the nearby attractions.


The four adventures we did around Inn Town Campground were, water activities at Scott’s Flat Lake, visiting the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, exploring Downtown Nevada City to find Treats Ice Cream Shop and swimming at South Yuba River Swimming Hole.


And even if we only spent 2 full days and 1 night at the place, there was plenty of time to have fun.

We left our home early Monday morning to beat the Sacramento traffic and we were at the campground by 8:30 AM, it was about 2.5 hours drive away.

We joined our friends for breakfast at the campsite and everyone got ready to spend the day at Scott’s Flat Lake. 



The entrance to Scott’s Flat Lake with a fee of $11 per vehicle.



Scott’s Flat Lake





Our first adventure outside the campground was at Scott’s Flat Lake which is only 6.5 miles away and was about 15 minutes drive. 

Scott’s Flat Lake is at the entrance of  Tahoe National Forest boasting 7.5 miles of pine tree lined shoreline with sandy beaches, at 3100-foot elevation.

The lake is 1 mile wide and 2 miles long with the deepest point of about 100 feet.

There are 2 campgrounds, picnic areas, a marina, 2 launch ramps, and a general store. 


The day use area is at Gate 2 and the fee is $11 per vehicle.





The day use area was small but there were not many visitors when we went.

And right on the beach was the kayaks and paddle boards rental by Mountain Recreation. 

The personnel that manned the rental booth was courteous and helpful and made sure the kids wear their life jackets he provided.

There is a daily rate and hourly rate rental and they have single and tandem kayaks and stand up paddle boards.



Notice the murky water near the shore.



The lake view was gorgeous but the water near the shore was murky, it was because of the mud underneath instead of sand or pebbles.

But as you go out into the deeper part of the lake, the water was cleaner and clearer.





There were boats and speed boats zooming through so be careful when you are kayaking or paddle boarding farther from the shore.

We spent most of the day lounging around, paddle boarding and kayaking and the little ones wading in the shallow end.




It was a fun day exploring the shores and cooling off in the refreshing lake water on a hot summer day!





We went back to Inn Town Campground after everyone had enough fun to prepare for dinner and our evening entertainment which were a movie night and s’mores!



s’mores night!



The next day was time to leave and we started early because we had 3 itineraries for that day.


The best thing about glamping was we did not have to do any tent packing aside from our clothes but of course we helped our tent camping friends break camp and clear out.



Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum





The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum is just next door to the Inn Town Campground and we did not want to miss out seeing the exhibits because it was right there!



Start of our tour!



Honestly, we thought it was just an in and out visit with a little sightseeing but we were surprised the museum has a well-informed docent to guide our group through and educate us about the history of the railroad system of Nevada County.



The one on the right is the 1901 Jeffery Steam Automobile, the Nevada County’s first steam automobile.

Vintage railroad items collection.

Replica of the fabulous Kidder Mansion, home of Sarah Kidder, the first female railroad president.



And so our planned 30-minute visit ended up to be an educational-almost-2-hour-visit because we were a big group.



The ongoing restoration of Engine #5, built in 1875 and was used in some Hollywood movies like the Spoilers.


We had fun going through the restored engines, cars and cabooses and other rail equipment.


There is a small but bountiful gift shop in the museum filled with arts and crafts and collectibles and toys.





On Saturdays, they have a 35 minute round trip railbus ride but you have to call ahead to reserve a seat.



The railbus that goes out every Saturdays.


The railbus ride is free and any monetary donation is appreciated for the maintenance of the railbus itself and the museum.



Downtown Nevada City



There she is, Treats Ice Cream Shop!



After we finished exploring the  Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, we headed to Downtown Nevada City with one purpose only: find the famous Treats Ice Cream Shop.







The small ice cream shop is adorable with their vintage decor and cozy ambiance.

Treats ice cream is a specialty ice cream crafted with Straus Family Creamery base products that are organic and non-GMO mixed with local ingredients of fruits, veggies, and spices for flavors.







We had a wonderful time tasting different ice cream flavors before deciding on which one to buy and the attendants behind the counter were helpful and friendly.


 The Historic Downtown Nevada is only 1.6 miles from Inn Town Campground and this charming little village is a pleasant surprise!




Ott’s Assay Office with the Pelton Wheel monument in front.

The 5 feet diameter giant shaft drill core, an evidence of hardcore gold mining years in Nevada County.


Hydraulic Gold Mining 21 Inch Gate Valve, used to control water flow from Chale Bluff Reservoir to the mine.


It is one of the successful western mining towns in the early 1900s and there are several buildings that are historical landmarks.


This picturesque downtown has unique shops, adorable hotels, and inns, cafés, restaurants, and bars.





The cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the city is inviting and I wished we had more time to explore, but after we had our taste of the Treats Ice Cream, we had to move on to our next adventure for the day before going home.



South Yuba River State Park



The famous covered bridge in Bridgeport California built in 1862 and was used as a pedestrian crossing over the South Yuba River.


Yuba River has 5 tourist known wonderful swimming holes but at this point, locals are complaining how the tourists are trashing the river they grow up with and loved.

I hope visitors will respect this beautiful gift of nature and help take care of the river by taking their trash with them and not vandalizing it.





The swimming hole we visited was the beach under the concrete bridge a few meters upstream from the famous covered Bridgeport Bridge.

It was about 20 miles west from Inn Town Campground.





We were supposed to go swimming under the covered Bridgeport bridge but there was no available parking spot for us, so we ended up at the next parking lot westbound to the right of Pleasant Valley Road.


Parking fee was $10 per vehicle.


From the parking area, the trail leading to the swimming area is downhill and is about 10 minutes walk.



We were grateful for the shade the concrete bridge provided but be aware of the Cliff Swallow’s mud nests overhead! 


We set up our little area and the children had a wonderful time in the water.


We had a pleasure of watching a group of wild ducks fishing and one winner duck caught a fish while the others tried to snatch the fish from the winner duck’s beak!


I could have taken a video but it happened so fast and we were all cheering excitedly for the winner duck to enjoy its catch!

…and it did by swallowing the fish whole! and quickly so! Lol!


I grew up in the Philippines by the river as well and going to this waterhole reminded me so much of my childhood and home.


The children had so much fun climbing rocks, stone skipping and swimming.

The current was not strong and the depth is mostly shallow, so it was safe for little children.





It was a beautiful day and we left late in the afternoon and started our almost 3 hours drive home.


Everyone had joy in our hearts at the end of our short camping getaway in Nevada City.


We got to enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family.


Little trips like this are not expensive and the memories gained are unforgettable for children and adults alike!


And as I have mentioned before, experiences like this is better shared with family and friends!


So when are you going on your next adventure?


If you want a camping trip that allows you to explore nature and yet enjoy the comforts of your home, click this link to learn more how Inn Town Campground can give you and your family that wonderful experience!


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  • Erin September 12, 2018 at 3:47 am

    I love that you had activities planned on your camping trip. Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Lilibeth September 12, 2018 at 11:49 am

      It was indeed a lot of fun Erin. And it helped so much that Inn Town Campground is safe and with the cleanest facilities.And it helped too that our children are older now so I did not really stress a lot compared to our previous camping experience when they were a lot younger. And of course the naturally beautiful Nevada outdoors and attractions is worth exploring!😃.

  • Julie September 12, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Hoping to get out to Nevada and visit more than just Vegas.

    • Lilibeth September 12, 2018 at 11:44 am

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read. It was a short camping getaway but these wonderful nearby excursions saved us time and made it possible for us to visit these places.❤️😃. There is so much history in Nevada City and you should visit this place and the surrounding attractions when you happen to be nearby. 🙏


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